Lara Reznik - CEO: Author of two published novels available in print, digital, and audiobook on Lara has devoted the past four years studying trends in digital book sales, and developing and implementing unique customized marketing campaigns for indie-authors. 

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We work with new indie-authors, as well as authors who have already published their book(s). We are a "hybrid-publisher," the new term for indie authors who also publish under an imprint.

Enchanted Indie Press has contracted with some of the best Texas editors, cover and interior book designers in the industry. You will be "enchanted" when you have your FREE CONSULTATION and compare our quality and reasonable prices. 

Our specialty is creating customized marketing campaigns that sell books!

We have an impressive history of successful marketing campaigns for memoirs, historical fiction, literary fiction, women's fiction, sports fiction, coming-of-age, and thrillers.​ Most campaigns resulted in achieving  #1-4 in author's book genre in the Amazon paid store, as well as garnering thousands of e-book downloads and numerous Amazon reviews.

The Girl From Long Guyland by Lara Reznik achieved #1 in both women's fiction and thriller/suspense  genres during Amazon promotions, has over 120,000 digital e-book downloads, and 297 Amazon reviews. Lara's screenplays have been optioned by Hollywood producers and were finalists in national contests.





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Let Enchanted Indie Press do all the business of getting your manuscript published and marketed so you can focus on writing more books.

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