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pre-publishing guidance

  • Need some honest feedback about your writing?
  • Are you uncertain if indie-publishing is the best solution for you?
  • Specifically, what are the advantages and disadvantages of going indie?
  • What is the difference between the old "vanity press" and today's indie-publishing industry?
  •  How do I get started? 
  • ​How much will this cost me?
  • Should you go both print and digital?
  • What alternatives are there besides traditional publishing and indie-publishing? 

new terminology

Indie-publishing - a means of publishing books where authors self-publish their own books themselves, or use the services of others to edit, format, create book covers, and market them.  Generally, the author keeps 100% of all copyrights and royalties.

POD - (print-on-demand) -  A service where you can print books as you need them.

Digital / e-books - books that are developed online for different devices such as Kindles or iPads.

Legacy publishing - traditional publishing

Hybrid publishing - When an author indie- publishes and also publishes under an imprint. Many traditionally published authors are now indie-publishing and vice-versa.


Lara Reznik, CEO of Enchanted Indie Press, is a master at marketing e-books online. John J. Asher,  Author - The Yellow Mesquite & Dogs of Mexico 

My manuscript received a first-rate editing job, a phenomenal cover and interior design, and with the help of Enchanted Indie Press marketing services I achieved #1 in both sports fiction and coming-of-age genres during my March 2015 Amazon promotion. Tony Reeves, Author - Hagerman

With Lara's help, my novel, The Legend of Juan Miguel, achieved #1 in both Historical Fiction and Historical Romance genres in the Amazon paid store.

Anna K. Sargent,  Author - The Legend of Juan Miguel & The Passion of Juan Miguel

As a result of Lara Reznik's marketing campaign, my memoir, Kid Me Not, rang the 2015 New Year in with achieving  #1, #3, and # 6 in three Amazon genres, and #6 overall in the Amazon Kindle Free Store. The promotion resulted in over 17k downloads and numerous new reviews and sales."  Aralyn Hughes, Author - Kid Me Not